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Tom Nardone

The Vibrator Institute carefully measures the sound and vibration strength of each vibrator, using specialized equipment. Each vibrator is measured at its peak output of power and sound. The vibrator is given two ratings: one for Sound, and one for Power.

The Sound ratings: Whisper, Purr, Hum, Buzz or Thundering.

The Power ratings: Gentle, Pleasurable, Intense and Unrelenting.

What do the Sound Ratings mean?

  • Whisper: Vibrators with a Whisper rating are the quietest we carry. These vibrators are barely audible and are the perfect choice if you are looking for the most privacy.

  • Purr: Vibrators with a Purr rating are a little louder, yet not deafening by any means. Using Purr vibrators under a blanket, while running a fan, should ensure your privacy. Most of the vibrators we carry have a Purr rating.

  • Hum: Vibrators that Hum are a little noisier. If you have a roommate that roams the hallway outside your bedroom, they just might hear your vibrator. You can buffer this noise with a fan or TV.

  • Buzz: Vibrators with a Buzz rating are fairly loud. If you are worried about anyone hearing your vibrator, you might want to purchase one with lower Sound rating. But if you don't have a nosy roommate or children, Buzz away!

  • Thundering: We only carry a few Thundering vibrators. These vibrators are typically very strong, and their noise level is as high as their strength. Thundering vibrators will be heard outside your bedroom door no matter what.

What do the Power Levels mean?

  • Gentle: Gentle is our lowest power level. Gentle vibrators massage tenderly and are ideal for those who haven't played with vibes before, or who prefer a softer touch. Often, our jelly and disposable vibrators fall into the Gentle category.

  • Pleasurable: Most Vibrators.com massagers fall into the Pleasurable category. Usually, these vibrators run on the power of two AA batteries. Our experts believe the Pleasurable vibrators will delight and satisfy most women.

  • Intense: Any vibrator labeled Intense scored very high in the Vibrator Institute's vibration tests. These vibrators feature strong vibrations for those of you that desire a more powerful sensation.

  • Unrelenting: Unrelenting is our strongest power level. Unrelenting vibrators feature a powerhouse of impressive vibration. We only carry two vibrators we label Unrelenting—they are that powerful.

Use the Vibrator Institute Ratings, along with our detailed product descriptions and photos, to choose your best vibrator. Currently our ratings are featured on sex toys at www.Vibrators.com. Please see the navigation to check out the Vibrator Institute picks for quietest vibrators and strongest vibrators.

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